Website for a financial services group originating from South Africa, positioning ‘Wealthsmiths’ in the UK.

  • Sanlam
    • Digital Design
    • Financial
  • 2018


Sanlam is a South African financial services group providing services in private wealth management and insurance. The group wanted to position ‘Wealthsmiths’ in the UK with a brand new visual identity. I was tasked with developing and defining a look and feel for their website.

As part of the look and feel delivery for a digital agency, I worked closely with a branding designer to design the look and feel of crucial top-level pages. I defined digital aspects of the visual identity (colours, buttons, typography, etc) for the digital agency to implement across the whole website.

L-R: Homepage, individuals page, and services (mortgage) page
‘About Us’ section on the homepage
L-R: ‘About Us’ section on the homepage, article listing page, and menu overlay
Company history page