Website for a workspace company offering creative studio spaces across several London locations.

  • EatWorkArt
    • Digital Design
    • Workspace
  • 2018


EatWorkArt is a workspace company offering creative studio spaces to individuals and businesses in the creative industry. They revitalise disused buildings, most notably Netil House, and transform them into creative communities across London.

My role on this project was solely visual design. The sitemap and wireframes were provided at the start of the project. These were repeatedly used as reference as I designed each custom page, template, and component.

I was fortunate to have a lot to work with including brand guidelines (logos, fonts, iconography, etc) by Studio Thomas and commissioned photography by a Netil House resident. Ensuring their digital space was in line with their brand was ultimately my role.

Studio listings page (filters expanded) and individual studio page
L-R: Homepage, studio listing page, and individual studio page (studio details and gallery)
Individual location pages with specific branding (secondary font and colours) for each location
Resident listing page and individual resident page
L-R: Resident listing page, individual resident page, news & events listing page, and individual event page
News & events listing page and individual article page