Website for a charity giving 13–16-year-olds an opportunity to a range of creative programmes across the UK.

  • Saturday Club
    • Digital Design
    • Nonprofit
  • 2018


National Saturday Club is a charity based in the UK enabling young students an opportunity to study creative subjects for free at a nearby local university or cultural institution. The charity wanted a revamped website, featuring the entire network of organisations involved with the charity as well as an interactive way for students to discover nearby clubs.

The role was predominately visual design with a bit of UX required for the interactive map (more on this below). Using the sitemap, wireframes, and brand guidelines provided at the start of the project, I designed custom pages, templates, and components to bring the brand to life in an online setting.

Subject area page and individual club page
Subject areas and introductory video on the homepage and the ‘London Visit’ page

Interactive map

I created a number of routes with the goal for a student to find the right club anywhere in the UK. They have a choice of using the search functionality, clicking or tapping on the map, or activating geolocation to find the nearest club. The search form expands as you interact with the map initially, revealing the search results and filter dropdowns.

L-R: Select an area on the map, search for a club, filter by area range, filter by subject, and geolocation
Selecting ‘London’ and ‘Escape Studios’ (select an area on the map option)
Selecting ’15+ miles’ on the area range dropdown and selecting ‘Banbury and Bicester College’ (area range option)